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Split T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure

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The T1 Tomahawk is the world's first professional grade digital tape measure with 1000 measurement unit memory, green alignment laser, and bluetooth connectivity.

  • Accurate beyond 1/32"
  • Used on tens of thousands of construction sites
  • Replaceable Tape Measure Blades
  • Bluetooth Enabled with ROCK Jobsite App

FORGET-FREE MEASUREMENTS - The T1 Tomahawk is the world's first professional grade digital tape measure, enabling tradespeople across industries to collect measurements faster and more accurately than ever before, increasing efficiency on the job.

INTEGRATED FUNCTIONS - Whether measuring internal spaces, determining relative dimensions, or finding the center point, the T1 digital tape measure offers a multifunctional solution, providing accurate measurements up to 1/32" (0.5mm).  An integrated green laser makes alignment fast and accurate.

DIGITAL MEASUREMENTS - The T1 digitally captures and stores up to 1000 measurements at once and displays and organizes them on an e-paper display, allowing for greater accuracy and precision. Save time in the long run as you eliminate the need for manual record-keeping and errors in transcription.

CONSTRUCTION READY - With rubber overmolding for impact absorption, the T1 is built withstand everyday use. Strap the T1 to your work belt using the optional holster for easy access during building and carpentry projects, plumbing installation and more.

ROCK JOBSITE APP - Our digital measuring tape connects seamlessly with the ROCK Jobsite App to wirelessly share measurements, annotations, and calculations with others on the job site for easy collaboration and enhanced organization.

  • 15 Hour Battery Life
  • Automatic Sleep Mode
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Keyboard Emulation Mode
  • Replaceable Tape Measure Blades
  • 1000 Measurement Memory


The T1 Tomahawk is used everyday by tens of thousands of professionals in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Built to withstand drops, water exposure, and having many fully replaceable parts, the T1 is meant for the toughest, most demanding, conditions.


Free shipping on all T1 Tomahawk Orders and 30-day return policy.


Laser align adjacent surfaces with the green laser line extension


Save and store more than 1000 measurements on your belt


Connect and share measurements with anyone, anywhere




How does the T1 Tomahawk Work and is it Accurate?

The T1 Tomahawk leverages a dual sensor optical and magnetic encoding system to display measurements accurate beyond 1/32" (0.5mm).  It is battery powered and share measurements over bluetooth to the ROCK Jobsite App.

Why is a Digital Tape Measure Useful?

Digital tape measures address two of the most common pain points in construction - forgetting measurements and incorrectly adding or subtracting numbers. with an integrated measuring list, automatic sharing of measurements over bluetooth, and many integrated math functions, the T1 ensures work is completed faster and more accurately.

Are The T1 Tape Measure Blades Replaceable?

Yes, the T1 Tape Measure blades are easily replaceable by removing two Philips head screws and can be purchased here.

What can the T1 Digital Tape Measure Connect to Over Bluetooth?

The T1 can connect to almost any device over bluetooth including the ROCK Jobsite App, emulating a keyboard, API access, and more.

What does the Green Laser on the T1 do?

The green laser line projection allows for measurements to be taken from adjacent surfaces and align to external reference points.

Is using the ROCK Jobsite App Required for the T1 to work?

No, the ROCK App is an optional, free, app to enhance the functionality, collaboration, and calculation ability of the T1 Tape Measure

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew Ostrom
Great for us older folks

Ok, I admit it, sometimes these old eyes aren't so great at reading a tape measure. My reading glasses only focus out to about 2' and my stiff neck and back sometimes (always) make hard to get my eyes where they need to be.

Enter the T1. Inside measurement, check. Outside measurement, check. Nice big display with the accurate measurement, check. Now, I'm not using this on a construction site, so I can't talk to that aspect, but for my needs it's been great. I do use it many times a week, though, and it's stood up to my clumsiness fine. I've dropped it multiple times onto my cement shop floor and there is no evidence it's been dropped.

$260 is a lot for a fancy tape, and I don't know if I'd pay that, but I got mine as part of the Kickstarter program for quite a bit less.


UPDATE...6/30/24...RMA-ING TAPE MEASURE This week....hopefully its just 1 bad device

For a $260 tape measure...
-it needs an update to turn off the Paper Screen as well so it can actually Turn off...

-The Replaceable Blade sometimes sticks so i have to pull the whole thing out and Re-Wind it back up.......

-The magnet can hold up to 15Ft before it loses its strength and pulls off

-The Replaceable blade is quite Flimsy cause after i bent it for 3 seconds i can still feel the bend in certain places so its best not to bend the blade and use it carefully

-Smartphone app is Usefull only if your getting millions of people to buy it $260 a piece... you can afford the free app with updates....(maybe if you work at construction then yes a premium app is good but not like a warehouse job)
-all in all this is a 3 star to 4 star product....5 stars if they fix everything above first


Great Tool To Have Makes The Job Easier, Run Smoother And With More Efficiency.

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