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Digital measuring ready for the jobsite.
Digital measuring ready for the jobsite.

M1 Caliber Adapter Fence

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  • UNLOCK YOUR MITER SAW – The M1 Caliber Adapter Fence attaches to short height miter saw fences to allow M1 Caliber clamping and use on a variety of saws. Once mounted, the M1 attaches directly to the aluminum mount on the Adapter Fence

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with any miter saw or chop saw with at least 2 holes in the fence on each side of the saw blade. Allows users to attach the M1 Caliber so materials can be measured and cut up to 3 times faster

  • EASY MOUNTING – Using four total fasteners (included with purchase), the adapter fence can quickly and easily be mounted securely to fit most miter saw fences that are not directly compatible with the M1

  • ROBUST BACKBONE – A coated Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) backbone with an extruded and anodized aluminum mounting bracket allows for a secure and robust mounting site creating a firm location for the M1 to attach to

  • CLEAN CUT QUALITY – Fence doubles as a sacrificial fence that can be cut through with saw blade and reduce splintering of materials. Perfect for professionals, contractors, woodworkers and other tradespeople. Sold separate from M1 Caliber Tool

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